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New England Spring has a proud history of providing spring design assistance to our customers. In a typical scenario, our customer establishes the design concept and works with our tooling and product engineers on the final configuration. Our experience and input saves money, time and stress by optimizing the design for manufacture and use.

Our ability to work with wire or flat strip allows us to contribute in a number of ways. One example is an automotive bracket made from stainless strip where our tool engineer reconfigured how the item was formed and saved the customer over 30% on raw material alone.

In another case, the customer had worked for over two years on creating a workable clip to secure an outdoor apparatus. Our input allowed this customer to clear several manufacturing and performance hurdles on what is now a multi-million pieces per year item. The incorporation of this clip saves time and money during fabrication of the apparatus, lowered raw material cost, and reduces installation time for the end user.

Our development efforts usually include spring performance review of operating stresses, environmental consideration with respect to raw material choice, possibly fatigue life calculations and of course, manufacturability discussions / concerns.

Contact us when you have questions regarding:
• design parameters
• raw material selection
• manufacturability concerns such as tolerance, bend radii, finish or plating concerns
• fatigue life issues

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