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Conventional stamping and forming is performed in our power press department. Depending on quantity, we employ automated feed or manual placement of the part. Capacity in this area is 9 to 45 tons and we work in many raw materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, elgiloy, inconel, even hastelloy and others

As with fourslide, our tool room can design and build specific tooling for your item. We design tools to accomplish as much forming as possible right in the die to reduce or eliminate secondary operations which add cost.

We have design software for wave, curved or belleville washers. Design formulas for these products are time-tested and appear straight-forward. The more challenging aspect of load-bearing washer design is the knowledge of performance in the application environment, reaction of the material to various stress levels and realistic expectations of manufacturing tolerances. New England Spring’s engineering staff is ready to help with your product development.

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